Seed School

Seed School

Seed School Teacher Training

Los Angeles


Learn skills and strategies to become a seed educator in your community!

March 14–18, 2016
Holy Nativity Episcopal Church and the Learning Garden, Los Angeles, California

Presented by Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA) and the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLoLA)

With more than 650 graduates around the world, Seed School is a pioneering course that is helping shape the local seed and food movements far and wide. Seed School Teacher Training builds on the foundations of Seed School and will empower students to take the next steps in transferring seed knowledge to communities via educational models to exponentially increase bio-regional seed literacy.

During this six-day course, participants will gain a deep understanding of ancient seed saving practices alongside leadership development training to empower them as community seed leaders. This unique opportunity is limited to 25 students and available by application only on a first come, first served basis. If you are passionate about seeds and wish to play an active role in this powerful grassroots movement, we encourage you to apply!

Visit Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance for application and course details >

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