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Watch SLOLA Chair David King’s inspiring speech at the March Against Monsanto protest!

Recent Press

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  3. LA Times Blog- SLOLA: Sharing Free Plants and Protecting Personal Food Supplies
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  6. LAist- From Seed to Fork: Seed Library of Los Angeles Thinks Fresh and Local
  7. Dirt Du Jour- A Different Kind of Gardening Club
  8. Examiner- SLOLA: Saving Seeds for the Future
  9. Clarion Ledger- Join Seed Saving ‘Revolution’ to Foster Planet’s Biodiversity
  10. Waking Times- Sowing Revolution: Seed Libraries Offer Hope for Freedom of Food
  11. Clean Plates- At This Library, Borrow Seed Instead of Books
  12. Whisked Foodie- Borrow Heirloom Seeds at the Seed Library of Los Angeles
  13. The Corsair- Seed Enthusiast David King Lectures at SMC
  14. Shelter/Space- Seed Library of Los Angeles
  15. LAist- Congress OKs GMOs, Monsanto Makes Sure You Can Grow Them at Home
  16. Cuisine Unlimited- The Seed Library
  17. Utah Style- Seed Library, an Idea for SLC?
  18. LAist- Seed Savers Unite Next Month for Swap in Whittier
  19. The Corsair- Prop 37 Would Require GMO Labeling, Issues Remain
  20. Edible Westside- Heirloom Seeds Spring Forth… Again and Again
  21. NBC Seed libraries help future crops
  22. Ebru News- A Seed Library Sustains Home Gardens (@ minute 21:00)
  23. Seed Freedom w/ Vandana Shiva- Focus on Food
  24. David King Speaks At March Against Monsanto
  25. 3.1 Venice – Nurturing Nature
  26. March Against Monsanto Protest- David King speaks!
  27. NewsWithTags- Borrow Seeds, Grow Plants
  28. Los Angeles Proposes Banning GMOs
  29. Los Angeles Could Become the Country’s Largest GMO-Free Zone
  30. David King on ‘Here’s To Your Health’ ( 2nd speaker Nov. 12th, 2013)
  31. Help Make History! City Councilmen Introduce Motion to make Los Angeles Largest GMO-Free Zone in US 
  32. Water LA: An Urban Acupuncture Approach to Capture Conserve Reuse
  33. Eco Destiny Tour with David King and SLOLA
  34. Yoga Chat: ‘Celebrating the Earth’ with David King
  35. “The Need to Grow” with Vandana Shiva, Larry Santoya, David King and more
  36. SLOLA outake from  ”The Need to Grow” with David King
  37. KXLU (88.9 FM) Radio Show: ‘ECHO IN THE SENSE’ David King & SLOLA
  38. “The Arroyo Sage” Fiesta del Maiz-Xilonen Ceremony 2014
  39. Webinar  by: ‘The Bauta Family Initiative on CANADIAN SEED SECURITY’
  40. ”Cool Beans! Seed News” Aug 2014, Issue #1
  41. “US Seed Libraries Mobilize to Protect Their Right to Share”

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