Welcome to SLOLA: The Seed Library of Los Angeles! We invite you to become a member, join our email list, take a class and check out our calendar of events.

This February SLOLA MEMBERS are electing a new Chair & Treasurer for SLOLA! Vote via newsletter or Online Ballot by midnight Feb 28th, 2017

As a non profit organization we rely on our community members to fuel the Seed Revolution. The Board Members of the Seed Library of Los Angeles are Elected Volunteers. The next February meeting we need you to vote on who will be the next SLOLA CHAIR and other officers! Choose between Azita Banu or Eleu Navarro. Both fine candidates but we need YOU to participate!

Take your experience of the seeds to a whole new level where you can use your knowledge to light the passion in others to save our seeds and help our world into a more abundant and diverse food supply. Seeds, along with soil and water, comprise the most critical sphere of human experience, especially with our climate changing.  This challenge must be met by a new alliance of seed stewards to turn our seeds into the most resilient and abundant food supply in our uncertain world. Take this step to be a part of this movement to save our seeds.


Venice SLOLA Selection

Venice Cool Season Inventory February 2017

Venice Warm Season Inventory February 2017

San Fernando Valley SFV SLOLA Selection

SFV Cool Season Inventory February 2017

SFV Warm Season Inventory February 2017


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